A Dizzying Number of Features for the Price

Overall, the EX Pro is a step in the right direction for Bosma. It offers many top-of-the-line features at a price point that is lower than some of the competition. Like many of Bosma’s products, the EX Pro is well-designed and useful for the proper application.

Key Features

  • 3 MP resolution
  • 128-degree field of view
  • Face recognition
  • Auto-tracking
  • Two-way audio
  • Anti-theft alert
  • 110 dB siren
  • Package detection
  • Built-in spotlight
  • Local storage with smart hub
  • Activity zones

  • Brand: Bosma
  • Resolution: 2304 x 1296
  • Connectivity: 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi
  • App Compatibility: Bosma app
  • Night Vision: Color night vision
  • Internal or External: External (outdoor)
  • Power Source: USB-C to AC adapter
  • Axis Control: (X) 180-degree pan, (Y) 45-degree tilt

  • Sleek and stylish
  • 2K resolution offers stunning picture quality
  • Color night vision works well
  • Easy to install
  • Videos and photos auto-download to photo library
  • Motion detection is excellent
  • IFTTT and Amazon Alexa support for automation

  • Subscription required to unlock full feature set
  • Cable isn’t very long
  • App crashes are frustrating
  • Frequent hardware disconnects
  • Package detection did not work despite several tries
  • Alarm dB level was not as loud as indicated in documentation
  • No 5GHz connectivity

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Outdoor security cameras offer a way to keep family, pets, and property safe. But many of the cameras on the market today are difficult to install and don’t offer compelling enough features to choose over something like a smart video doorbell.

Bosma’s new EX Pro, on the other hand, is a little bit different. Not only did it win the 2021 IF Design Award, but the camera also offers features like auto-tracking, person-detection, facial recognition, package detection, and an anti-theft alert. So, how do these features measure up? And is the Bosma EX Pro worth considering for your home security? Let’s take a closer look.


The Bosma EX Pro is planned to begin crowdfunding on July 20th, but until then, if you sign up to be notified on launch, you can get 50% of the final RRP.

Getting to Know the Bosma EX Pro

Bosma EX Pro Left Face

The Bosma EX Pro is a wired outdoor security camera designed with home protection in mind. If you live in an area that is prone to break-ins, or you’ve ever been the victim of a porch pirate, then you’ll know how important it is to keep tabs on your property.

Pricing on the unit is expected to be $149, but that might change depending on a few factors. While the crowdfunding campaign is active, Bosma will also be offering a discount for pre-orders. The official release for the EX Pro on sites like Amazon is scheduled for August 2021.

What’s in the Box?

Bosma Ex Pro What's In The Box? 2

Inside the box for the EX Pro, you’ll get:

  • The camera unit
  • The power adapter and cable
  • A drill bit
  • 17 x wall anchors and screws
  • 15 x cable clips
  • An installation sticker

Key Features of the Bosma EX Pro

Bosma EX Pro's daytime footage is super crisp

There are several features that Bosma packed into this unit to make it stand out above the competition. Unfortunately, we don’t have the space to dive deep into every feature, but we would like to highlight as many as possible.

First on the list is auto-tracking. This feature will detect people moving within the camera’s field of view. Auto-tracking allows the EX Pro to lock onto people and keeps the camera pointed in their direction. For porch pirates and other ne’er-do-wells, this feature will demonstrate that the camera is watching, and when it activates, you’ll get an alert.

Next on the list is the anti-theft alert. Because the EX Pro is easy to install and remove, it might be tempting for would-be thieves to reach up and try to snatch the camera from its mount. With the anti-theft alert, the camera will wail like a 110 dB banshee if someone tries to swipe it. In addition to theft detection, you can also configure this siren to alert you if other types of events occur.

Person detection and package detection also set the EX Pro apart from other cameras. Both of these features do precisely what you might expect; they detect people and packages. These features are great if you are curious about who’s at your door or when your packages are delivered. By coupling person detection with another element—face detection—the EX Pro can even help identify visitors, so you’ll know who’s come calling.

Finally, the Bosma EX Pro also offers an auto spotlight to illuminate dark areas when motion is detected, a loitering alert to warn you if someone is overstaying their welcome, and an activity zone to help reduce unwanted notifications.

To use many of these features, you’ll need to subscribe to the Bosma Assist service. Bosma Assist ranges in price between $19 per year to $69 per year depending on the features that are right for you. Our testing offered us six months of the service at no charge, though features like package detection and Active Theft Prevention make the service seem worth the cost.

Hardware Design and Build Quality

Bosma tends to build high-quality smart home devices with a chic aesthetic. The EX Pro Outdoor is no exception. Its sleek black outer shell and single minimalistic logo convey an air of cocktail-hour understatement. Simple is often beautiful, and the EX Pro’s design embraces this simplicity.

Covering the single USB-C port on the rear of the camera is a rubber gasket that seals out rain and inclement weather. The built-in Wi-Fi of the EX Pro allows it to connect to your home network and enables control via the Bosma app. We’ll talk more about the app in just a moment, but for now, just know that the app is the primary way to control this unit.

As for the viewing elements, the EX Pro offers 180-degrees of pan and 45-degrees of tilt. Additionally, the entire field of view is decently wide at 128-degrees. The watchful eye of this cyclops is a 3MP 4x-zoom camera with a 2K, 2304 x 1296 resolution, which is around 44% higher than standard 1080P cameras. That means you’ll be able to see more detailed images overall. The camera also offers excellent low-light performance and colored night vision.

Like many of the cameras on the market today, the Bosma EX Pro includes two-way audio. This feature allows you to speak to guests from the comfort of your couch.

While the camera does contain an internal battery, this battery only lasts a few hours. That means when you install the unit, you’ll need to consider putting it in a place that has access to an electrical outlet. You’ll also need to consider routing the cable, though Bosma includes several hardware clips and screws to keep the cable attached.

Installing the Bosma EX Pro

Bosma Ex Pro Bright Blue

To install this camera, you’ll need a few tools, including a drill, a hammer, and a screwdriver. A marking device might also be helpful. First, pick the area you’d like to install the camera in, and then place the installation sticker on the surface. Then, drill two holes into the surface following the guide and using the supplied drill bit. From there, tap in two wall anchors.

Next, remove the mounting bracket for the camera and screw it to the wall where you placed your anchors, using the included screws. Then slide the camera onto the mounting bracket and plug it in. Finally, using the remaining anchors, clips, and screws, route and secure the camera cable. Once that portion is complete, download the Bosma app to complete the configuration.

During testing, we found that the cable fits well behind the edging used on vinyl siding. Rather than drill several holes, we just tucked the cable behind this edging. If you’re concerned about someone stealing your camera, however, then it might be best to secure it with the included hardware.

Bosma App and Settings

Because this is a pre-release product, we also used a pre-released version of the Bosma app to configure the EX Pro. This app allowed us to add the camera to the Devices tab and view a live stream of what the camera was seeing. It also let us record, monitor audio, and even use the camera’s two-way audio feature.

You can adjust camera volume and resolution in the app, and take snapshots of the current image. These snapshots, much like recorded video, are automatically saved to the photo library.

As for settings, you can adjust everything from the single settings screen, included auto-tracking, auto person detection, and even night vision. The feature set here is very robust, and folks who like complete control over the finer nuances of their camera will appreciate everything being in a single place.

One thing about the app that immediately stands out is the crisp footage displayed on the screen. The 2K resolution shines here, and the colors are bright and vivid. Unfortunately, there is a noticeable fish-eye effect with significant barrel distortion around the edges of the image. However, this distortion is expected with such a wide-angle lens.

Despite the crisp picture, there are limitations. From the mounted position, street-level details like license plates and street signs were difficult to read. That said, people and faces close to the camera were easy to identify within the app interface.

Because this version of the app is still in development, a few bugs popped up. The most noticeable being the inability to connect to the EX Pro at times, but we resolved these issues via a quick app reset.

As for the two-way communication feature, there was a delay between activating the feature and the camera relaying our message. This stutter may have had to do with our network connection, but it made the idea of chatting with visitors seem inefficient. For folks without a strong network connection, this may not be a feature that works well for you.

Sadly, the EX Pro will only work with 2.4GHz networks. This limitation is a little disappointing, considering more and more smart home devices are embracing 5GHz. Setting up your network is done via the app and only takes a few minutes. This app will also support both IFTTT and Alexa.

Download: Bosma App for iOS | Android (Free)

Testing the Bosma EX Pro

Bosma EX Pro Security Camera

Since motion detection, audio, and digital zoom are standard features of security cameras, we chose to focus on the Bosma EX Pro standout features during testing. Specifically, we wanted to understand how the camera’s auto-tracking function and person detection function worked. So, we positioned the camera to capture visitors at the front door. Then, we approached the door to see what would happen.

As indicated, the person and face detection feature provided an alert that the app sent to our phone. After setting a face detection profile, the app would notify us when a specific person approached the door. Additionally, with auto-tracking on, the camera did follow us around until we were out of view of the lens.

This tracking was a bit slow, and moving quickly from extremes caused the camera to stop tracking altogether. Bosma has included a portion of the app that will allow you to test these features, and when doing so, the camera places a blue outline around the shape of the person approaching.

Because this camera only tilts 45-degrees, there are a few blind spots directly under the unit. We would have liked to see a wider tilt angle to catch activity directly below the camera for more security. If users are planning on using the EX Pro as an alternative to a smart video doorbell, then it would be helpful to see as much of the surrounding area as possible.

As for the anti-theft detection, enabling this function promises a 110 dB alarm when the camera is tampered with. Unfortunately, this wasn’t the case. Using a decibel meter less than a foot away from the unit, we unplugged the camera, which caused the internal siren to sound. But the maximum recorded volume peaked at 92.6 dB according to our meter.

We ran this test twice and achieved similar results both times, even after ensuring that the siren volume setting was at maximum within the Bosma app. A few decibels of variance here might have been easy to overlook, but 17.4 is a pretty large gap between the expected output claimed by Bosma.

Bosma EX Pro night footage has excellent color quality

The next feature to test was color night vision. This feature provided a decently colorful picture that you could adjust saturation for within the app. Fortunately, we live near a street light, so the lighting conditions for color night vision seemed almost as bright as in the daytime. The color night vision is an interesting addition and does seem to work well when enabled.

Finally, we wanted to test package detection and the loitering alert of the EX Pro to see how these features worked. When a parcel is delivered, you should receive a notification as long as the camera can see the package. To test this, we set a box on the doorstep within the camera’s view to see if the notification would trigger.

Unfortunately, we did not receive any notice that a package was delivered. Still, when we relocated the box to try and trigger the notification a second time, the EX Pro reported potential package theft. It then recorded our movement.

As for loitering, this feature is adjustable for up to 120 seconds. This feature worked annoyingly well and triggered constantly during testing until we finally shut it off. If you’re concerned about people loitering around your property, then this feature is a must-have.

Can You Repair the Bosma EX Pro?

The EX Pro isn’t designed to be serviced by the end-user. It’s a self-contained unit, and if there are any issues, then you should contact Bosma. The warranty period on this unit is one year against manufacturer defects. Also, Bosma maintains a 30-Day Return Policy, and the company’s website has email and chat functions if you need help.

What Do We Love About the Bosma EX Pro?

Bosma Contents of Packaging

As security cameras go, the EX Pro offers a wide range of features. Some of the best include the bright 3MP display, advanced motion detection, and color night vision. If there’s one thing that the EX Pro does wonderfully, it’s quality video delivery on demand.

Color night vision is exceptionally well-done, though the usefulness of this feature is up for debate. The auto spotlight also works well for low-light areas. Loitering alerts are flawless as well.

The app as a control method is excellent, though we would like to see more integration with HomeKit and Google Assistant. IFTTT and Alexa support seem like exciting features, and both open up the possibility for some unique automations.

Finally, the aesthetics of the camera are incredibly pleasing. Bosma’s design team seems to have a solid grasp on what makes a classy-looking unit, and the EX Pro is no exception. This camera would be right at home, outfitting anything from a suburban abode to a multi-million dollar mansion without seeming out of place.

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What’s Not to Love?

The Bosma Assist service seems like another cash grab in a world where subscription services plague everything from software to grocery stores. While the EX Pro by itself is a great camera, to unlock all of the premium features, you’ll have to subscribe to a yearly plan. Though it might only be a few extra dollars per month, this cost of ownership can add up over the years.

Additionally, the lack of 5GHz connectivity on the EX Pro is a bit of a bummer. Because this unit is outside, a more robust signal could undoubtedly be beneficial, especially considering that the unit will not move around.

And with only the 2.4GHz setting, wireless signal strength reported as weak, even when the camera was less than 50 feet away from our wireless router. While building composition and materials will play a role here, we think that 5GHz capability would be a significant improvement.

Then there’s the issue of the misreported alarm levels. 110 dB sounds like a decently loud siren, but our tests didn’t achieve that level. While 92.6 is still loud enough to hear, the 17.4-decibel variance seems a bit much. Granted, that might be just our demo unit, but reporting feature levels that aren’t accurate make other feature specifications suspect.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, there’s the issue of the cabling. For some people running an outdoor cable won’t be a problem. But there are other highly-rated security cameras available for only a few dollars more that don’t require outdoor cabling.

The EX Pro’s approximately 10.5-foot cable means that the camera can be no further than this distance away from a power outlet. That said, you could always purchase additional USB cables.

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Should You Buy the Bosma EX Pro?

Overall, the EX Pro is a step in the right direction for Bosma. Like many of its products, the EX Pro is well-designed and useful for the proper application.

But, if you don’t have a solid wireless signal or want to place this camera in a more remote location without access to power, then the EX Pro might not be suitable for you. Additionally, if you’re opposed to subscription services, then the EX Pro’s annual subscription fee isn’t going to make you very happy.

If you can forgive these sins, you’ll find the EX Pro a delightful outdoor security camera. The features it offers pack a significant amount of value into the $149 price, and that alone is worthy of your attention.

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